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Here are some links to interesting articles and research about language learning and multi-lingual literacies. For more information about the latest research and developments about language learning, check out my Twitter feed @frencharoo.

babel8 effective and creative ways to learn a new language as an adult


Bilingual-Myths-EnglishMyths vs. facts about bilingual language development


7878If language tells us who we are, then who am I?


book-glassesThe secret to learning a foreign language as an adult


Language-InfographicThe big, beautiful tree of languages


Wall of hieroglyphics3 habits of successful language learners


brainWhich is the best language to learn?


rtx12s7o-e1502469821971Myths about bilingual children


One of my favourite poems – ‘Search for my tongue’ by Sujata Bhatt:


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