Cooking with bossy verbs

In their inquiry into how the world works, Year 3 explored what reactions occur when everyday substances react and what physical changes and chemical changes can happen when states of matter change.

In French, we examined this through a lens of instructional writing, looking at how verbs can be put in the imperative form to give commands and sound ‘bossy’. We put on our French language hats and looked at various scientific and non-scientific processes such as how to make cereal, how to run a bath, how to toast a slice of bread, and so on.

The children demonstrated their learning during this unit by writing a step-by-step recipe on how to make a disgusting sandwich. We had some weird and wonderful combinations such as a chicken and vanilla ice cream sandwich, a rotten banana and Oreo sandwich and a tuna and strawberry jam sandwich. The accompanying pictures were just as creative!

Finally, the unit culminated in a practical experiment where the children set up their equipment and ingredients in the school kitchen, then proceeded to follow instructions on how to make waffles, French style! The result was delicious tasting fluffy waffles and the smell of fragrant baking wafting down the corridors!




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