Conflict and discrimination

The corridors have recently been buzzing with passionate chatter and a roller-coaster of emotions from Grade 5 students who are studying a unit on discrimination and conflicts within society. In French class, we touched on these topics by looking at poems written by the Camerounian author René Philombe and Senegalese former president Leopold Sédar Senghor.

Homme qui te ressemble.gif

After reading and understanding the poem ‘L’homme qui te ressemble’ by René Philombe, students got together in pairs and wrote their own ending to the poem in the same style. Here are some examples of their verses – it was impressive!

“Ça ne fait rien comment je suis

Je suis une personne dans le monde

Le monde est uni, ensemble.

Si nous travaillons ensemble, nous pouvons le faire.

Maintenant, vas-tu ouvrir la porte?”

“Pourquoi me demander -tu as des amis?

tu as les cheveux bruns?

tu as les yeux verts?

Je ne comprends pas

Ouvre-moi mon frère”

They also prepared a short presentation to show their understanding and response to the poem; watch the short video clip below to see Bjorn and Vicente’s interpretation of the poem:

IMG_0566 from Soukeina Tharoo on Vimeo.

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