World Language Festival – Day 2

The second day of the festival started with delicious smells wafting along the corridors of the school from under the gazebo. We made over 200 delicious crêpes and waffles. The money raised will go towards covering the costs incurred during the festival and any amount that is left over will be donated to a local charity.

Here is a picture of our wonderful team, ever-smiling and enthusiastic!


The rest of the day continued, with World Language students going into other classes to conduct language workshops in their own language or to read stories in French and Arabic. The audiences were very appreciative and enjoyed what the students had prepared for them.

photo (10) photo (9)

Grade Two then had the good fortune of watching an amazing shadow puppet theater performed by two of their peers who study German. It was an amazing visual performance and the students even understood the story (Little Red Riding Hood) and learnt some new German words!


The final activity for the day was for Grades 1-3 After School World Language students – they learnt about Tunisian pottery and were able to paint their own Tunisian darbouka, kanoun, or hanging plate!


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