Technology is a great tool!

Grade 4 students have been exploring different ways of presenting to an audience, such as performance, voice recording and video narrations.

Using a play script as a starting point, they recorded their voices on Garageband, learnt to edit, filter and enhance their voices using special effects such as reverb, echo and distortion.

They also used GoAnimate, which is a fantastic web-based program that allows you to create your own animated movies, to make an animated rendition of the play and record their voices to go with each scene. Have a look at the video below for a sample clip.

Comment y aller by Soukeina on GoAnimate

Parents of Grade 4 students are warmly invited to come and visit our French class (in Portable P07) on Friday 7th June at 11:30 a.m. so that the children can share their learning with you.

I look forward to seeing you then!

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