World Language Festival – Day 1

The World Language Festival has kicked off to a mighty fine start – we had a fantastic assembly that really got everyone geared up about being plurilingual and valuing the 70+ languages that are spoken at ACST!

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The Greet the Teacher competition is also in full swing. Children are so eager to say hello and discover 50 different ways of saying it that teachers are finding that walking the corridors is like running a gauntlet! The winner will be announced at Thursday’s assembly – until then, keep greeting!


Just before lunch, we had a ‘Grand Concours’ for the 3rd and 4th graders. It was fantastic! The students showed great teamwork and enthusiastic and 11 lucky winners came away with ice creams and certificates as prizes for their effort. Good job!



The final highlight of the day was a special presentation for the After School World Language students, prepared specially for them by Ms M’barek and Ms Malek. It was a fun and enjoyable presentation about different spices and their uses in Tunisian cooking. Everyone learnt a lot about Tunisian food and even got to taste some special delicacies like Chakchouka, Harissa and Makloub.




What a fantastic first day it’s been! Stay tuned to find out more as the World Language Festival continues – we have lots more fun-packed and exciting events in store for you!

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