Les Jeux Olympiques

Grade Four French students used the Olympic Games as a springboard to learn lots of new vocabulary related to sports, colours, countries, nationalities and numbers. It was great to discover how many cognates there are in French – cognates are words that are spelled almost the same and mean the same as words in English, for example: le football, l’Australie, bleu.

Here are some reflections from the students themselves:

I knew a lot more words than I thought I would have. I guessed a lot of them and I got them right! – Damisi

I thought it was going to be hard because I just started French. But it was fun! – Alexander

I learned more words and I liked the unit, so many words are like Spanish – Juanita

I’ve learnt a lot. I think I know more words than my sister who’s in Grade 7! I also learnt a geography and flags and country names – Aisha

I liked it, because I enjoy sports – James

I thought it was really cool. I found out that I knew a lot more words than I actually thought I did. You can relate a lot of words to English. – Isabella

I learnt a lot. When I started I thought I knew everything in Beginners, but then I discovered I still have a lot to learn! – Georgina

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